The most popular sport in the world, football's aim is to score more goals than the opposition by kicking a ball into the net at the end of the field. Teams of 11 players each compete across two 45-minute halves.

"Cuju" was a Chinese ball game played by foot not unsimilar to football. A more modern prototype called "harpastum" was played among Roman soldiers, and the history of the sport having standard rules in England tracks back to the mid-19th Century AD. It has been a sport in the Olympics since 1900, and a women's event since 1996.

The Hong Kong Football Association

The football events at the 9th Asia Pacific Deaf Games will be co-organised with The Hong Kong Football Association, who not only organise and monitor the professional league in Hong Kong, but promote local football activities and provide training in playing, coaching, officiating, watching and administrating. The Hong Kong Football Association also has a wealth of experience in organising tournaments in collaboration with the largest clubs in the world, and tournaments of international scale.


29.10.2019 - 11.11.2019

Shing Mun Valley Sports Ground is located at No. 21 Shing Mun Road, Tsuen Wan and was opened on 1 August 1998. Block booking is available during opening hours.


The Ma On Shan Sports Ground opened in 28 December 1999. It is adjacent to Yiu On Estate, Chung On Estate, Heng On Estate and Heng On Station (MTR). It provides modern facilities conforming to the competition standards of the International Amateur Athletic Federation and open for individual and schools/organizations bookings.



Phone: +852 31041213

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