The Asia Pacific Deaf Games (APDG) is the largest sporting event held for deaf athletes in the Asia Pacific Region. Held once every four years and sanctioned by the Asia Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation, athletes will be participating in 16 different types of sports in an attempt to not only strive for personal achievements, but also to promote deaf values and raise awareness of deafness in modern day society.


The first iteration of the Asia Pacific Deaf Games started as the Asia Pacific Deaf Football Championships, held in Hong Kong in 1984. They continued to expand in terms of scale, number of participants and number of games into the Asia Pacific Deaf Games, with the 1988 APDG held in Seoul, Korea. Since then, the Games have been held every 4 years and have been a steady mark of deaf sporting excellence.


It should be noted that the Asia Pacific Deaf Games are not part of the Asian Para Games; starting in 1997, the Deaflympics were removed from the Paralympics and held independently because deaf athletes are recognized as not having mobility issues or any form of physical disability. The Asia Para Games also have a far richer history and larger amount of participating countries compared to the Asia Pacific Deaf Games, although it can be said that they are both of a similar format.



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