WU HO TING, silver


Deaf people experience a unique way of life - in terms of communication and expression, there are marked differences in how the deaf navigate society. To deaf athletes, sports is not merely a means of exercise and health, but a non-verbal method of bonding and communication; it becomes a symbol of their humanity.

Hong Kong is proud to host the 9th Asia Pacific Deaf Games - apart from these Games marking the homecoming to the place of its inception, it is also a chance for the Hong Kong deaf community to gain more exposure on local, national and international levels, and raise awareness of deaf culture in our society. 

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 9th Asia Pacific Deaf Games, I would like to thank in advance all participating countries and supporting parties collaborating to organise these Games for their co-operation and support, as these Games signify not only Games to the Hong Kong deaf sporting community.



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