Tennis can be an individual (singles) or team (doubles) sport played on a court with a net dividing it into equal parts. The objective of the game is to score by striking a hollow ball covered with felt over the net into the opponent's side of the court with a tennis racket so that the opponent is not able to play a valid return.

Tennis was first played in Birmingham, England in the 18th Century, and spread quickly to English-speaking countries. It appeared as an Olympic sport in the late 1900s, but withdrew from the Olympics after disagreements in the rules in the 1924 Games; it was reintroduced as a full medal sport in the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

Hong Kong Tennis Association

The tennis events at the 9th Asia Pacific Deaf Games will be co-organised with the Hong Kong Tennis Association, who have over 3000 individual members and 41 member clubs affiliated with them. They aim to promote tennis to all, nurture talented players, and to raise the standard of the game in Hong Kong.


4.11.2019 - 10.11.2019

The Victoria Park Centre Court with a spectator stand with capacity of some 3,600 seats has been opened for use since 1982. There are 13 other standard tennis courts for training and tournaments.



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